Steve E. Chapman

I started taking photos in high school with a trusty Pentax K1000 SE.  My muse in those days were images I came across in my day-to-day suburban journeys-images of things that I found intriguing for many different reasons and in many different ways, but at the same time represented by unremarkable things or places.  I’ve since expanded the scope of my travels to places remote and distant, but still I’m drawn to those images that others may simply pass by.


Most of my inspiration is fueled by my interest in form and how form becomes the subject itself.  I’ve always been fascinated by form, be it either natural or constructed.  It is especially satisfying to find a form of a familiar object and place it in a perspective that takes it out of the ordinary.  For example, a group of planes parked on the ground below an expansive sky or a tree seemingly growing out of the ocean provides an opportunity to consider the space around the objects and their context rather than just the objects themselves.


Presenting an image from a different perspective gave me a feeling that what is old can be new.  A simple shift in context or perspective can breathe vibrancy into an image or raise an inquisitive eyebrow as to what the object might be.


My work includes architectural, landscape, abstract and urban streetscapes.  Within each of these contexts I try to create a viewpoint that is out of the ordinary- to make the ordinary extraordinary.


I am influenced by artists who share a strong understanding of form such as William Eggleston, Lee Friedlander and Andreas Gursky.   My work builds on their central ideas of scale, perspective and context to create an image that demands your utmost attention.

Steve has exhibited at Rayko Gallery, Minibar Gallery, Space Gallery, Satellite 66 Gallery and SF Open Studios.  He also has been a juried winner on Artslant